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River Rock Media
River Rock Media
Happy Youth Day
We specialize in printing and branding that can grow and market you as a school, organization or business.
- Books, Magazines and Educational Material
- Sport and School Apparel
- Branded Stationary and Gifts
River Rock Media
It's the Father's day count down!
Showing dads that you care!
Whatever you will be stocking up with for your Business, Gift shop, School or event we have you covered with our High Quality printing and corporate branding.
- Branded items and apparel
- Custom Cards
- Tags and wraps as finishing to your product
River Rock Media
Canvas Prints
Define your space with these fully customisable, professionally mounted canvas prints. These stylish canvases are an ideal way to improve the look and feel of any space. The Canvas prints are perfect for restaurants, reception areas, doctor's rooms, office design, lounges, meeting rooms and your personal living space.
A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes available.
Production is 5-7 working days.
River Rock Media
Catalogues - Is this still a valuable marketing tool?
Catalogues are going through a renaissance because of the versatility and practicality of the printed publication. In a world where anybody can launch a website, the expertly crafted catalogue is highly valued by marketer and customer alike.
With new formats and the introduction of editorial content, there's little doubt that print catalogues still play an important role in the retail sector - and will do for some time to come. Why?
Here are seven very good reasons:
River Rock Media
The advantages of print catalogues is their ease of use, level of trust and accessibility. They're portable, aspirational and designed to be picked up repeatedly. While the internet has a role to play in any retail operation, catalogues offer a complete brand-in-the-hand, with every product available at a glance. Research in the Nordic countries shows that 38% of consumers look first at products in catalogues before purchasing the product online.
River Rock Media
The catalogue is a lightweight and readily available source of information, with most questions answered within its pages. Price, look, colour, size, quality, performance, can all be communicated quickly. Research shows that 34% of consumers say catalogues offer a better product overview and make it easier to look through different products.
Information about products is now even richer with the use of QR codes and Augmented Reality, which give the consumer the ability to access online content such as videos or interviews, which adds another dimension to the catalogue.
River Rock Media
Driving traffic
A digital-to-print strategy does not sound like an obvious strategy, however recently more online shops are starting to use printed catalogues or magalogues. Bringing the brands to a physical space, in order to make people become more active with the brand is often heard. Catalogues will bring readers to the physical or online store, vouchers, QR codes or personalisation of content will facilitate this action.
A catalogue offers an opportunity to draw the customer into the brand's world, giving them an experience that goes beyond the shop window. Using striking design techniques and distinctive paper, this experience allows the reader to be seduced by the product, making purchase or other action more likely. As you have a significant amount of time with your customer allowing you to strengthening the brand image.
Catalogues are now being produced with editorial content sitting alongside the products, creating the ‘magalogue' - a combination of the entertainment, education and advertising of magazine content with the information held within catalogues.
River Rock Media
Targeting Opportunities
The catalogue is just one of the many consumer touch points and should be part of the omni-channel strategy for most retailers. Catalogues work best when their distribution is targeted, their ideal audience defined by a wide range of variables. You can then choose which customers are likely to spend and distribute your catalogue accordingly. Use catalogues, for example, in areas with a lower internet penetration or use. Often this is the case in rural areas or among older people. Database management, targeting, re-targeting and customer tracking is all becoming part and parcel of how brands try to better direct catalogues to potential consumers.
River Rock Media
Paper and Pixel Integration
Often catalogues are seen as a 'look book', showing what is available in a physical or virtual store. This type of catalogue will offer inspiration, a more interesting presentation of the various products, models, colour variations or other details or a guide for a store visit. In any case it will offer the possibility for a online purchase. Retailers have understood that, as part of their onmichannel strategy, they need to flawlessly integrate the printed catalogue into their strategy.
A large number of global brands still regard the catalogue as their premier sales tool. Working with the website, call centre and store, its ability to have its success measured quickly and accurately is a real advantage for the marketing executive. Catalogues combine with the directness and immediacy of online shopping, increasing the effectiveness of both, while tracking purchases via codes printed in the catalogue or other consumer tracking details, increases the sales-per-page figures - information that can be used to optimise the layout of future editions.
River Rock Media
"Show Off" of the Week
A4 Landscape catalogues litho printed and Saddle stitched.
Can be used for:
Information booklets
Training manual
Marketing magazines
Group brochures
Product catalogue
Function/event programs
River Rock Media
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